The Kayla Movement

By now you’ve probably heard of Kayla Itsines. If you haven’t, prepare yourself to spend the next several hours scrolling through before and after photos. I’m not kidding. She’s an amazing trainer and her clients’ “before” and “after” photos will leave you speechless. The kayla army, as we call ourselves, consists of millions of girls around the world on  a mission: to be the best version of themselves. For some that has meant gaining weight and overcoming eating disorder. For others, it has meant transforming into the woman they always believed they were but, for one reason or another, never fought to fully become.

I remember first looking through her Instagram page. Her tiny frame but killer muscles. She could kick anyone’s ass. I needed in on these workouts. Now before I started them I was thinking 28 minutes? Seriously this is definitely designed for girls- but I knew pictures from her passionate clients didn’t lie. I hopped on board… and boy was it painful. I has never sweat so much in my life!IMG_4257

I grew up playing sports. I was no newbie to exercise. I hate to admit that marriage caused me to gain more than a few pounds (20 total!)- What?! I was happy okay?! But I wasn’t happy when I realized what I had become. I needed my figure back- and I knew this would get me the results I wanted. Boy was I right!! I’m on my 9th week of consistently doing the circuits with LISS (low interval strength sessions) on the off days along with eating clean. I had started then stopped her guides a few times due to getting sick, vacation etc but this winter I decided quitting would not be an option. I’m on board and there’s no kicking me off! My results are showing and I’m addicted (fitness junkie as my husband likes to call me) but that’s fine with me!

Follow my journey with me as I post motivation, recipes, workouts and more!

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